Monday, 26 September 2011


It is dark,
It has never been so dark.
I can still see what’s left of the light on the back of my eyelids,
And the darkness is only just beginning,
It’s slowly getting darker as my eyesight now adjusts,
It is dark and getting darker,
Take it in, remember what you can,
Who knows when it might get bright again?
Dark and getting darker,
Am I scared?
No, saddened,
Deeply wounded by the dark,
Poor lover of light,
Pity the darkness got to you,
It gets to everyone sooner or later,
Some fight it off until the end, somehow,
Dark and getting darker,
After a while I’ll be the dark,
There’ll be no difference,
I’ll work for it and wander,
Find a soul and lend it labour,
A favour to their lightly tender,
No, no more, the darkness waivers light,
Light is just a dark pretender, down with light,
Long live the dark!
Dark and getting darker still,
Infinite darkness; if you will,
Retaliation does one good,
If one can find a hood,
A dark within a dark,
A worsened dark
To contrast to
The dark that’s getting darker,
Make it pale, make it puny,
Find the deepest of your woe and show the hue of darkness gloomy
You are darker than its core, you may shine your darkness through me but I’ll shine my darkness more!
And maybe then,
I might maybe find a way, a door,
Find the light again,
Her shores,
The very sun; my Eleanor

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