Friday, 1 July 2011

Law's Line

The lines we draw deep within us,
balance like endless timber,
pivoting weightlessly, onus
of maintenance, that, we obey.

Shrewd are the crossers, timidly
traipsing our rough boundaries,
berating the blankness, so that he
who carries may rotate in grey.

Do we build only for a lot,
Warehousing wicked morals,
temptations and tested selves,
to shelter from love’s quarrels?

Or cease all sense of integration,
bodies melting, stacked, stone,
Lost in self annihilation,
Chiseling the bone of friendship,

There are corners, edges stretching,
soft and lofty bad connections,
worn as though a wedding ring, 
to cause corruption, outside in,

I cannot step too far, here
where wafer water sticks
To pages of the body, shear
tide tears the unmovable.

Lines, crossed and parallel,
drown down the common bond,
we are jigsawed, chess, so well
to those unruled, lost of law.

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