Tuesday, 27 September 2011

She's The Man For You

If you're feeling like something new I got just the girl for you, 
Bet she'd make you rethink the book with just one look, 

Don't use lipstick, her hair is curled, the girl's a mystic, out of this world, 
Someone told me she's twenty nine; don't waste no time, 

Jack of diamonds, Ace of spades, she's seen all the cards been played,
Take a gamble, take a shot, raise the pot,

I hear she came from New Orleans, here she's treated like a queen, 
And she's playing with her new toys: The Irish Boys

She's got extras added on, all of her bad bits are gone, 
There's nobody could be her match, quite the catch, 

Well she'd be wearing eight-inch heels, still as cute as a baby seal, 
More than able to chew a bone; a Danger Zone,

And all the girl's are driven mad, 
The boys all say she's the best they ever had,
She wouldn't be seen not in your wildest dreams, 
Every time I meet her I think; 'Girl, you're bad', 
So if you're looking for something new she's the man for you,

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