Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A Sigh for your Sail

You are leaving me,
Your heart is hooked

Love has grown out of you-
A plastic mast
From your spine,
And two cotton wings
And a halo of dust
And you look like an angel,
(You always were, love)
But you’re lying on water,
In the great stealing sea
(It adores me),
Pulling out all of the tubes
That connected our hearts
To the earth’s heart,
And the earth’s heart to space,
You’re slowly becoming
The look on your face
When I tell you I love you,
The look you hide by looking down ‘shyly’
And hugging with haste,
I should leave before you,
Put you in your place, 
But how?
How could I when
all of my hours, whether spent
In bliss or the dawn’s white rain,
With you are infinite.
When you go, take them too,
Take the gifts of this death,
The blades of my heart,
The tears I spit,
Your last loved exhale-
A sigh for your sail

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