Monday, 11 July 2011

In the Japanese Gardens, I thought of You

In the Japanese Gardens, I thought of you,

Through caves of ignorance you tailed me,
Drenched in reminiscent maple,
My hand shook your plainness
As it snaked through contorted hazel,
We crossed the bridge of marriage and I lost you.

Staring down a wishing well,
At other’s drowned wishes, I did not think of you,
You are stranger than a wish,
I am the well,
You are my water’s reflected amber leaves
On an accident of light,
You ripple and threaten to drift out of sight,

In my still panorama,  
You came upon the wind
Like a witch and broom,
Ringing the bluebells and shaking the entire,
Charmed, I thought of you,
Not because I was reminded,
But because you have grown in me,
Like a young suminagashi in a tea house.

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