Friday, 22 July 2011

I Loved Another

I loved another,
Rich in her unending space,
A mother to the fairest crooks,
And looks to steeple beauty,
For she never gave a gaze away
But hooked the hungered eyes
That man despises to acknowledge.
I loved her once before,
When the heart was barely breathing,
I fell upon her fences,
In her fields I was bare,
Waiting for her holy sun to feel that I was there,
I loved her when my love was peeling,
Spat my speckled morsels forward,
Forced the pleasure form my mortar,
Drenched her painfully, a martyr
To great love I would have been,
If not for her,
And only her,
For I loved her when she left,
Wrapped in flesh; the scarves of brothers,
To a house I’ve never met,
Where I know she loves another.

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