Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Interpretation Interruption

I've become attached to nothing,
-but still attached.
Detached from most,
The dolly bird,
The holy ghost,
It's all to be taken,
There's no point in making a fuss.
Dust. Soon to be dust.
Dear water-table,
Expose me your bust,
I'll join in the legions of rabbits and trust that the habits of death will accept me,
The crust will compel me,
The future expel me,
Tell me 'to hell', I've got it all sussed,
Can't call it 'attached',
More likely we're 'stuck',
Stuck to the missus and stuck to the muck,
Kissing true love but we'd kill for a Fuck,

The great cancelation!
Polarity bares a grand ultimatum to pull out your hair,
Bald is better, bald is bold, the great abeter,
Toppest cat!
Bring out the razor! Shun the hat!
Shave your head, become detached of hair first, and for most
of your weak ends wear only that.

I've become attached to nothing; I bring nothing everywhere.

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