Thursday, 9 June 2011

All things come, all things go.

Go away tonight,
i'm bleeding alone,
it's the usual fight,
me against my own,
every wall i climb,
sees me land face down,
i built with wasted time,
a walking, talking clown,
throwing friends with all his might,
at the pillars of his fort,
that it may crumble one night,
and teach him prayers of hurt,
for every seed i've sown,
I've cast away its water,
and now nothing has grown,
except his chasing laughter,

On angels shoulders,
I've leaked and froze,
and she like rolling boulders,
carved me paths of prose,
wakeful and revealing,
lined with chords of gold,
the foreign hand revealing,
truth behind the cold,
i hear sister sparrow,
pining hymns of peace,
hiding broken arrows,
in my body's wounded crease,
there were spiders here before,
spinning cities in my skin,
they appear now at my door,
asking to come in,

now my rings are lost,
there's no standing tribe,
a friendship forged by frost,
another soul to bribe,
i hear love refusing,
my helpless offered trust,
a clown in clever choosing,
of sunburn over dust,
Go away tonight,
tomorrow still will come,
and i'll re-chase my sorrow,
with the future in my gun.

feel no falter,
bare no blow,
all things come, all things go.

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